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Emission compensation done transparently, supported by Data not Trust.

Invest in top-quality carbon offset projects with regular updates, transparent communication, and verifiable impact. Show your commitment to fighting climate change and demonstrate to the world that you care about sustainability.

Carbon Credits

Why purchase carbon credits now

Many companies are committed to addressing climate change, but some business models may not allow for a complete elimination of emissions. To achieve net-zero emissions, these companies often offset their CO2 emissions through carbon removal projects. This not only helps to mitigate climate change, but also demonstrates to partners and customers that the company is committed to sustainability, which can improve engagement and enhance the company's reputation. Some companies even go further by neutralizing more emissions than they produce, known as "becoming climate positive".

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Requirements for good carbon credits

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Carbon neutralization projects involve either preventing emissions from occurring (avoidance) or removing emissions from the atmosphere (capture). Projects that would have been implemented regardless of the availability of carbon credits do not provide additionality. To learn more, click here

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Secondary impact 

Evaluating the effectiveness of a carbon neutralization project based solely on its impact on emissions is not enough. Good projects must also take into account factors such as biodiversity, social impact, and fair implementation. Without considering these factors, the impact of the project may be misleading.

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In the past, there have been many intermediaries involved in carbon offset projects. However, it is important that a high percentage of the money spent by companies on the projects reaches the actual project. Therefore we minimize the number of intermediaries taking a share of the money.

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For a company to claim that they have effectively neutralized their emissions, they must be transparent about the details of the projects they have supported and provide proof that the transactions have taken place. This ensures that the public can trust the company's claims of being carbon neutral.

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Carbon Projects

High-quality carbon projects 

At Sustaim, we conduct extensive due diligence on all projects we offer to ensure they provide a significant impact and are additional to what would have happened otherwise. Additionally, we carefully evaluate other factors to understand the secondary impact of the projects. We are transparent in our evaluation process and make all details publicly available to ensure a fair investment.

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