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Sell carbon offsets on Sustaim - we put an emphasis on social factors and biodiversity.

Fair Emissions Market 

Attaching value to nature - a fair emissions market

In the past, only a very small portion of the money spent by companies on neutralization efforts has reached the projects.  Many market participants have stood between project developers in companies, each taking a cut. At Sustaim, we are enabling a direct connection for impact. Through us, projects can be offered directly to companies, with the developers being able to decide on pricing. Since we realize that the impact on CO2 emissions as the only factor is extremely misleading, we are building a solution that thus also integrates factors like biodiversity and social impact that can be included in the price. This has not been possible previously.  


 Emission Neutralization Projects

Receive money for impact

01 We analyse projects

Our partners and us are assessing your project regarding its impact, verifiability, transparency, and fairness regarding the community. 

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03 Get paid for your impact

When companies purchase your credits, you immediately receive money. This eliminates the need for any other market participants.

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02 You decide on the value


After you have provided all relevant documents, you can decide at what price point you want to offer your project. 

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Token Creation

Process of creating a token

Blockchain Technology in the background allows us to build a functioning market. Tokens represent CO2e (equivalent), enabling companies to account for fractions of the impact generated by your project, making it easier to sell.


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