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Offer your impact project to the world.

Obtain the direct investment you require through Sustaim. Develop a fair and impactful emission removing project.

Fair Emissions Market 

Attaching value to nature - a fair emissions market

Traditionally, a small percentage of the money spent by companies on carbon offset projects has reached the actual projects due to multiple intermediaries taking a cut. Sustaim provides a direct connection for impact by allowing companies to invest in projects directly from developers, who determine the pricing. We understand that only focusing on the impact on CO2 emissions is not sufficient, so our solution also takes into account other important factors such as biodiversity and social impact that can be reflected in the price. This approach is a new and unique way of investing in carbon offset projects.


 Emission Neutralization Projects

Receive money for impact

01 We analyse projects

We and our partners thoroughly evaluate your project's impact, verifiability, transparency, and social fairness to ensure that it meets the highest standards.

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03 Get paid for your impact

When companies invest in your project, you will receive payment immediately, without the need for intermediaries.

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02 You decide the value


Once you have submitted all necessary information, you can determine the price at which you would like to offer your project.

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Project Timelines

Process of creating credits

Contracts can be flexibly created to accommodate various types of carbon credit creation. Different projects may use various verification agencies such as Verra, Gold Standard, or newer high-tech verification methods. Investors will receive credits as they are created.

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