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A Direct Connection For Impact

 Sustaim enables verifiable & transparent emission compensation solutions that bring the change we need

Why Sustaim 

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Become carbon positive

Sustaim enables companies to support projects that lead to a lower CO2 concentration and therefore account for the emissions that they cannot reduce themselves yet.

Verifiable Impact 

By utilizing blockchain technology and providing full transparency, we make carbon neutralization efforts verifiable to the public.

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Direct Support

Sustaim works together directly with projects, thereby making sure that money spent on emission neutralization goes directly into providing impact.

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How you can generate impact

Choose what to support

Every carbon neutralization project is unique. A range of factors like the impact on biodiversity or the social environment play an important role. We enable companies to independently choose which projects they want to support, depending on the firm's values and mission.


Verification of Projects

Every project offered by Sustaim goes through extensive due diligence regarding its impact on emissions and other factors. We are in close contact with every project, verifying that we only offer solutions of the highest quality. In addition, all calculations and documents proving the impact are provided.

Purchase and use of Tokens

Companies can purchase tokens, each representing one tonne of CO2e. To account for the neutralization of emissions, the tokens can be retired ("used") at a time of choosing. Thanks to blockchain technology, every token is publicly verifiably attached to a specific project and the retirement is publicly visible, making neutralization verifiable and eliminating the risk of double-spending.

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Secondary Market

With Sustaim, every company has complete freedom regarding what to do with their tokens. Should a firm decide to not retire their tokens (or a portion of them) they can offer them on our secondary market. Therefore we provide price transparency, leading to more security and fair price points. 

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Our Goal

At Sustaim we are committed to help companies achieve Net-Zero. We realize that this is not alway easy since some processes are still too costly or complicated to make completely sustainable. Emission neutralisation solutions are an amazing option, however, they must generate the impact that they promise. By enabling businesses to invest in quality and transparent projects, we give them the opportunity to show their commitment and identity. We open up a market that makes every commitment verifiable to the public, therefore holding us and companies working with us accountable. This is absolutely necessary in order to enable a working emission neutralisation market. We make this process easy through utilizing technological developments combined with our incredible motivation to make a difference and thus help your company to play an important role in striving for a more sustainable and clean future.